Tofu Plush Seatbelt Cover

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Your eyes do not deceive you, this is the tallest tofu yet with the added practicality of a seatbelt cover.

Designed to make your seatbelts more comfortable, especially for those long road trips to streeto.

Also has an embroidered butt.

Available as a single, double or QUADRA pack.

Limited to 200 items, each Tofu seatbelt cover comes with a smiling face you can trust to enhance your comfort game.


  • 17cm Tall
  • Universal Seatbelt Fit
  • Velcro for Easy Fitment
  • Really Nice Guy
  • Ultra Soft Suede Finish
  • 55mm Thick Foam Interior (Super Squishy)
  • Embroidered front and back
  • Constructed Limbs
Quantity: Single